Football/Netball comp

Twilight League – letter to clubs

20 July 2020

Dear Secretary – club as addressed

The Mornington Peninsula Bowls Inc. is attempting to set up a social Bowls competition among the senior football and netball clubs within our area.

The project will take place over 5 Thursday nights in October and November.

This will lead into the Wednesday Twilight League and we are hoping for
• attract new players for this competition
• allow players of other sports to become familiar with your bowls club
• give potential sponsors an exposure to your club
• inject new revenue streams
To be successful we need
• a commitment from our clubs to participate
• Clubs to pursue links with their local football/netball clubs
• We will provide details of those links
The feedback that we have received has been initially very positive, some saying that they are craving a competitive atmosphere to try another sport.

The competition will run over 5 Thursday nights Oct 11,18,25, Nov 5,12. Games will run over 90 minutes and are likely to be two bowl triples over about 7 ends. (2 games each night)
Details of green fees etc. will be determined later.

Obviously, now, we are unsure of the level of participation we are going to be allowed.

This will be a lot of work in starting this concept, but it could be a strong source of recruiting and revenue over the years for all clubs involved.

Can you please confirm that your club will participate by 31 July? 2020

Organiser – John Adams, Director – MPB Inc.

Kind regards,
Signed: Gabrielle Shepperd